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Words that Cook! Parenting with children’s books
Educational TV/DVD Series

Winner of the International Reading Association
2005 Broadcast Media Award for Television

Words that Cook! genuinely empowers parents in one of their most important roles: preparing their children for a lifetime of reading. Great ideas for bringing reading into the home are not only offered, but also demonstrated. And the list of recommended children’s books for each episode is invaluable!”

— Maggie Head, Children’s & Young Adult Librarian

“The Words that Cook! DVDs are a perfect addition to the parent resource shelf. As a parent I find the series engaging, and supportive of my desire to support literacy in my family. Strategies, benchmarks and literacy development are clearly explained. As an educator I appreciate the many practical suggestions for optimizing communication between home and school in ways in which each parent, child and teacher is cherished.”

— Rosalind Forber, Kindergarten Teacher

Words that Cook! generates an excitement around reading. The series gives parents ideas for selecting books as well as linking books with activities. Whether it’s a new sibling, a holiday, or a serious issue, parents learn how to make books an important part of everyday life.”

— Paula Polk, Director, Morse Institute Library

“Wow! This is really exciting, motivating and inspiring. I've got to get this program to the parents at my middle school. I feel that this program has the vital link necessary to solidify the partnership between home and school, between parent and teacher.”

— Karen Brenner, 6th Grade Teacher

“Live hosts standing in an animated ‘virtual-kitchen’ set discuss what elements are needed to foster a love of reading in children. Each short segment features an interviewed expert or parent interacting with lively tots and enthusiastic youngsters as he or she shares ‘recipes’ for successful book experiences. A youth services librarian, for example, links a picture book with a rousing rendition of ‘Old MacDonald’ in her presentation to a group of toddlers. Hints – including choosing books with large illustrations, talking about the pictures before reading the text, matching a child’s interest with appropriate books, and linking books to real-life experience – are captioned onscreen for emphasis. Finger plays and signing with tots are also discussed. Various book titles are recommended throughout the program, and an ending segment recaps tips and offers suggested reading choices for older children. For parents and educators.”

— Candace Smith, Booklist Review of Show 1 DVD, August 2005

“Teaching children literacy skills goes far beyond simply reading the occasional bedtime tale, but how can parents find the time and the means? Words That Cook!, an excellent 13-episode TV series, offers a goldmine of creative ideas to promote family literacy (their tagline is ‘parenting with children’s books’). Each episode is hosted by friendly adults Martine and Monty, who visit classrooms and homes, interviewing teachers, parents, and kids to ferret out ‘Recipes for Success.’ The eighth episode, Finding Inspiration for Writing, focuses on motivating children to undertake original, non-school-assignment writing, in order to gain valuable literacy skills through journaling, creative writing, and even bookmaking. Viewers meet a kindergarten teacher and her writing students, a mom who journals with her daughter, and a woman who demonstrates how to make a book out of household materials. All of the ‘Recipes for Success’ are reviewed at the end of the program, and a suggested reading list is presented. Down-to-earth, affordable, and realistic, this is recommended for parents of elementary school-age children looking for ways to enhance their children’s literacy skills and promote reading. Other titles in the series include Reading Starts with Interests, Writing Begins with Original Ideas, The Art of Storytelling, and Active Learning.

— E. Gieschen, Video Librarian Review, July-August 2006


101 Tips to Get Kids Reading and Keep Kids Reading

“I strongly recommend … 101 Tips to Get Kids Reading and Keep Kids Reading. We recently tried out tip #52 – listening to audio books in the car. It makes the eight-hour drive to San Antonio pass by more quickly. And Stockard Channing does a great reading of Ramona the Pest. We all know how important it is to read to our kids, from the day you bring them home from the hospital. But to raise kids able to handle the demands of elementary school in the 21st century, you need to do more than just read the books each night. This brochure has great practical advice on how to raise successful readers. I wish I could afford to send one to everyone on my list.”

—Meredith Rodriguez, 1st Grade Teacher


Read it Aloud!
A parent’s guide to sharing books with young children


Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children, written by Monty Haas and Laurie Joy Haas, provides parents with numerous tips for effectively reading aloud with their children. The book's 27 chapters offer a wealth of practical advice for parents, caregivers, reading volunteers and others who share books aloud with children. Lots of activities and games are included, such as ‘Parachuting Porcupines’ to teach alliteration and ‘Pun Pictures’ to teach homonyms and puns. In addition, the book includes lists of appropriate children's magazines and references to lots of great children's books. Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children offers ideas and techniques for bringing books into the center of families and for sharing excitement about books. [The authors] have focused particular attention on performance reading, follow-up discussion, related activities and wordplay – all things that parents can do today to prepare their children to think, communicate and succeed in the future.”

— International Reading Association

Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children is fabulous. Everything about it from the design to the content is outstanding.

— Jim Trelease, Best-Selling Author and Read-Aloud Expert

“Great for teachers, child care providers, librarians and everyone who shares books with children. There's not another book like it!

— Doreen Metcalfe, Children's Librarian

“Your coaching on pitch, tempo and ‘hamming it up’ definitely sparked even more interest – each chapter's end being greeted with a chorus of ‘Please, Pop, read one more!’”

— James Gurney, Award-Winning Author/Illustrator and Creator of Dinotopia

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