For all of the shows in our educational TV/DVD Series, we develop our Recommended Book Lists and Potluck of Fun™. The selections in our Recommended Book Lists are meticulously chosen by children’s literature expert,
Dr. Miriam Marecek, and connect with topics and themes that emerge from show content. A Potluck of Fun is developed by Words That Cook staff for each book recommendation and provides entertaining and engaging ideas to make the books spring to life. Click on the links below to see each show’s Recommended Book List and Potluck of Fun.


     Show 001: Reading Starts with Interests

     Show 002: Storytelling: When! Why! How!

     Show 003: Writing Begins with Original Ideas

     Show 004: Putting Life into Words

     Show 005: Reading Relationships

     Show 006: The Power of Language

     Show 007: Make Literacy an Adventure

     Show 008: Finding Inspiration for Writing

     Show 009: The Art of Storytelling

     Show 010: Active Learning

     Show 011: Empowered Learning

     Show 012: Home & School Connections

     Show 013: Windows & Mirrors of Literacy


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