To support you in using the Words that Cook! Parenting with children’s booksDVDs, we offer these free, downloadable DVD Viewing & Workshop Guides. Each guide includes a DVD summary, chapter outlines,
a Recommended Book List, suggested literacy activities and workshop discussion prompts and activity ideas.
Click on the links below to download each guide.


     Show 001: Reading Starts with Interests (pdf) download/view

     Show 002: Storytelling: When! Why! How! (pdf) download/view

     Show 003: Writing Begins with Original Ideas (pdf) download/view

     Show 004: Putting Life into Words (pdf) download/view

     Show 005: Reading Relationships (pdf) download/view

     Show 006: The Power of Language (pdf) download/view

     Show 007: Make Literacy an Adventure (pdf) download/view

     Show 008: Finding Inspiration for Writing (pdf) download/view

     Show 009: The Art of Storytelling (pdf) download/view

     Show 010: Active Learning (pdf) download/view

     Show 011: Empowered Learning (pdf) download/view

     Show 012: Home & School Connections (pdf) download/view

     Show 013: Windows & Mirrors of Literacy (pdf) download/view


The Guides can best be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader®; free download available here.

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