Who is the audience for Words that Cook!?

The series is designed for parents and educators of children ages 0 to 12. In addition, education majors, librarians, family literacy practitioners and other professionals who work with children and families also find the program informative and useful. Because the shows are engaging, entertaining and upbeat, our viewers report that their children are drawn in as well.

  Why is it called Words that Cook!?

Typically, each episode opens and closes in the Words that Cook! virtual kitchen to convey a sense of fun and ease in making literacy a part of everyday activities in the home or classroom and beyond – on trips in the car or school bus, at sporting events, at restaurants – just about anywhere. Every show in the series features Recipes for Success
a smorgasbord of practical ideas and techniques that parents and educators can choose from to support literacy at home and in the classroom. With the title we are also emphasizing the nature of words and their capacity to enliven, uplift, inspire – to bring thoughts, ideas and emotions to life!

  Who produces the show?

The Executive Producers are Laurie and Monty Haas who have worked for years in the field of family literacy with educators, pediatricians, librarians, childcare providers and parents. Their book, Read it Aloud!
A parent’s guide to sharing books with young children
, is endorsed and co-distributed by The International Reading Association (IRA). You are welcome to read more about Laurie and Monty, as well as the other Words that Cook! Producers.

  Who are the educators behind the show?

The producers have teamed with some of the country’s top educators and literacy experts from Harvard University, the University of Massachusetts, Wellesley College, Lake Sumter Community College and beyond to ensure that research- and evidence-based, pedagogically-sound practices underpin each program. We invite you
to learn more about our Educational Consultants.

  Where can I see the series?

Words that Cook! is broadcast on select PBS affiliates and on public access stations nationwide. Check with your local PBS affiliate or public access station for listings. If you find the series is not available in your area, we encourage you to pass on our Program Request Form to your local cable or broadcast station manager.

All shows in the series are now available on DVD. Each DVD includes an original 30-minute episode plus bonus guest material and messages from the executive producers. For more information about the DVDs, please visit the Marketplace.

You can also view a Sample Podcast.

  Who hosts the show?

Monty Haas, a former news anchor for MonitoRadio and Boston’s NPR news station, WBUR, shares the hosting duties with Martine Bernard, a Haitian-American women whose love of literacy and books is irresistible! They cook up a rich pastiche with guest educators, librarians, authors, illustrators, poets, storytellers, parents, children and others. We invite you to read more about Our Hosts.


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