101 Tips to Get Kids Reading
and Keep Kids Reading

by Words That Cook


Ideas gathered from years of research and practice give you powerful, effective tips to help children of all ages discover the joy and excitement of reading, writing, storytelling and wordplay in a simple, concise, easy-to-read booklet. Available in English or Spanish and other languages upon request.


Subject Areas

  • Great Beginnings
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Out and About
  • General Tips
  • Cheering on Reluctant Readers

Information for agencies and organizations that may be especially interested in understanding how the highly advantageous and interrelated features, functions and benefits of 101 Tips can help you serve your community:




Wide range of activities across all age levels

Provides a smorgasbord of options

Users can pick and choose from a variety of literacy- building activities to meet children’s needs and moods

Non-technical language and non-threatening tone

Uses everyday words to translate educational concepts into common- sense practices

Makes literacy education accessible to users across an array of social, cultural and educational backgrounds

Tips divided into five comprehensive categories

Matches tips with everyday circumstances

Enables users to quickly find appropriate options based on situations

Explore more Interrelated Features, Functions and Benefits of 101 Tips to Get Kids Reading and Keep Kids Reading. Download as PDF

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