Show 12: Home & School Connections
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DVD 30-minute episode plus extras
Closed Captioned     Subtitles (English)


Show 12: Home & School Connections
When teachers and parents work together to support children, everyone wins. Like this show's guests, you can make connections between home and school by reading aloud, using writing boxes, learning about educational benchmarks and testing, attending school meetings, visiting the classroom and meeting with teachers. Guests include
Literacy Consultant Dr. Miriam Marecek.


Words that Cook! Parenting with children's books is a half-hour program that celebrates the joy of reading, the art of writing, the wonder of storytelling and the magic of wordplay through a combination of interviews and live action spiced up with animated fun. Designed for educators and parents of children ages 0-12, each episode features professionals, experts, parents and children modeling and discussing enjoyable and practical techniques for enriching literacy experiences.


Words that Cook! Parenting with children’s books is broadcast on select PBS affiliates and on public access cable stations nationwide.