Picture Books for Toddlers

"Here is a list of picture books that toddlers and twos will enjoy. Because regular hardcover books like these have pages that tear more easily than board books, you will want to save these for times when you are sharing books with your child. Board books are suitable for your child to enjoy playing with and looking at alone." – Diane Ramsay, Youth Services Librarian

Ahlberg, Allan Mockingbird
Aliki One Little Spoonful
Appelt, Kathi Rain Dance
      Toddler Two-Step
Asch, Frank Baby in the Box
Baker, Keith Big Fat Hen
Bang, Molly Ten, Nine, Eight
Barton, Byron Truck (and others)
Beck, Ian. Five Little Ducks
Becker, Bonnie Tickly Prickly
Berry, Holly Busy Lizzie
Bogdanowicz, Basia Yellow Hat, Red Hat
Bornstein, Ruth Little Gorilla
Brown, Margaret Goodnight, Moon (and others)
Browne, Anthony I Like Books
Butterworth, Nick Just Like Jasper
Cabrera, Jane Panda Big and Panda Small
Carle, Eric Do You Want to Be My Friend?
      Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?
      From Head to Toe
      Have You Seen My Cat?
      1, 2, 3 to the Zoo
      The Very Busy Spider
Carlson, Nancy I Like Me
Carlstrom, Nancy White Better Not Get Wet,
      Jesse Bear (and others)
Cauley, Lorinda Bryan Clap Your Hands
Crews, Donald Freight Train (and others)
Dabcovich, Lydia Sleepy Bear
Dodds, Siobhan Ting-a-Ling!
Dotlich, Rebecca Away We Go
Doyle, Charlotte You Can’t Catch Me!
Edwards, Pamela Duncan Wake-Up Kisses
Evans, Katie Hunky Dory Ate It
      Hunky Dory Found It
Falwell, Cathryn Christmas for 10
     Feast for 10
     Where’s Nicky?
Flack, Marjorie Ask Mr. Bear
Fleming, Denise Barnyard Banter
     In the Small, Small Pond
     In the Tall, Tall Grass
     Mama Cat Has Three Kittens
Foord, Jo The Book of Babies
Ford, Christine Snow
Ford, Miela Mom and Me
Fox, Mem Time for Bed
Gabriel, Ashlala Night Night Toes
Galdone, Paul Three Little Kittens
Gardiner, Lindsey Here Come Poppy and Max
     When Poppy and Max Grow Up
Garrett, Ann What’s for Lunch?
Gentieu, Penny Wow! Babies!
George, Kristine O’Connell Book
Ginsburg, Mirra Across the Stream
     Asleep, Asleep
     The Chick and the Duckling
     Good Morning, Chick
Gliori, Debi Are You There, Baby Bear?
Gomi, Taro Where’s the Fish?
Gundersheimer, Karen Splish Splash, Bang Crash
Hale, Sarah Josepha Mary Had a Little Lamb
Hall, Jacque What Does the Rabbit Say?
Halpern, Shari Little Robin Redbreast
Halsey, Megan Circus 1-2-3
Hazen, Barbara Shook Where Do Bears Sleep?
Hill, Eric Where’s Spot? (and others)
Hindley, Judy Eyes, Nose, Fingers, Toes
Hubbell, Patricia Pots and Pans
Hughes, Shirley Bathwater’s Hot
Hutchins, Pat Rosie’s Walk
Inkpen, Mick Everyone Hide from Wibbley Pig
     Kipper (and others)
Isadora, Rachel I Hear
Jakob, Donna Tiny Toes
Jennings, Linda Nine Naughty Kittens
Jonas, Ann Now We Can Go
     Where Can It Be?
Jones, Carol Old MacDonald Had a Farm
Kalan, Robert Blue Sea
     Jump, Frog, Jump
Keats, Ezra Jack Kitten for a Day
     Psssst! Doggie
Kopper, Lisa Daisy Is a Mommy (and others)
     I’m a Baby, You’re a Baby
Kraus, Robert Whose Mouse Are You?
Kruusval, Catarina No Clothes Today
     Where’s the Ball?
Leslie, Amanda Do Crocodiles Moo?
     Flappy Waggy Wiggly
     Who’s That Scratching at My Door?
Lewis, Kevin Chugga-Chugga Choo Choo
Lillie, Patricia Everything Has a Place
Lindgren, Babro Sam’s Ball (and others)
McCarney-Muldoon, Eileen Fun With Colors
MacDonnell, Flora I Love Animals
MacKinnon, Debbie What Shape
     What Size
MacLeod, Elizabeth I Heard a Little Baa
Maccarone, Grace Cars! Cars! Cars!
     Oink! Moo! How Do You Do?
Mansell, Dom. My Old Teddy
Maris, Ron Are You There, Bear?
     In My Garden
     Runaway Rabbit
Martin, Bill Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
     Here Are My Hands
     Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
Miller, Margaret Whose Hat?
Mockford, Caroline Cleo and Caspar
     Cleo the Cat
Moore, Elaine Roly-Poly Puppies
Morris, Ann The Baby Book
     The Daddy Book
Murphy, Mary I Like It When…
     Please Be Quiet
Newcome, Zita Toddlerobics
Nodset, Joan Who Took the Farmer’s Hat?
Noll, Sally Watch Were You Go
Noonan, Julia Puppy & Me: Bath Day
     Puppy & Me: Breakfast Time
Offen, Hilda A Fox Got My Socks
Ormerod, Jan Mom’s Home
Oxenbury, Helen Tom and Pippo (and others)
Paschkis, Julis So Happy, So Sad
     So Sleepy, Wide Awake
Petersham, Maud The Box with Red Wheels
Polushkin, Marie Who Said Meow?
Raffi Five Little Ducks
Rice, Eve Benny Bakes a Cake
     Sam Who Never Forgets
Rockwell, Anne Fire Engines (and others)
Rotner, Shelly Lots of Moms
Rowe Whose Ears?
     Whose Nose?
Scarry, Richard Richard Scarry’s Best First Book Ever (and others)
Scott, Ann Herbert On Mother’s Lap
Shaw, Nancy Sheep in a Jeep (and others)
Simon, Francesca But What Does the Hippopotamus Say?
Simmons, Jane Come Along, Daisy (and others)
Siomades, Lorianne Kangaroo and Cricket
Steptoe, John Baby Says
Stoeke, Janet Morgan A Hat for Minerva Louise (and others)
     Stories and Fun for the Very Young
Sturges, Philemon I Love Trains
     I Love Trucks
Tafuri, Nancy The Ball Bounced
     Early Morning in the Barn
     Follow Me
     Have You Seen My Duckling?
     Mama’s Little Bears
     Rabbit’s Morning
     Silly Little Goose
     Spots, Feathers & Curly Tails
     This Is the Farmer
     What the Sun Sees
     Where Did the Bunny Go?
     Who’s Counting?
     Teddy Bear Counting Book
Waddell, Martin Owl Babies
Walsh, Melanie Do Donkey’s Dance?
     Do Pigs Have Strips?
     Hide and Sleep
Westcott, Nadine Bernard I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
     Skip to My Lou
Wheeler, Cindy A Good Day, a Good Night
     Marmalade’s Nap
Whippo, Walt Little White Duck
Williams, Sue I Went Walking
     Let’s Go Visiting
Williams, Vera “More, More, More,” Said the Baby
Winter, Jeannette The House that Jack Built
Wood, Audrey The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry & the Big Hungry Bear
     Oh My, Baby Bear
     Quick as a Cricket
Wood, Jackie Animal Hullabaloo
Wouters, Anne This Book is for Us
Yolen, Jane Off We Go
Young Golden Bear

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