Dr. Robert Maloy, Co-Author of Ways of Writing with Young Kids, who kicks off the writing party with afterschool kids at Marks Meadow School, suggests:

  • Throw a writing party
  • Act as a catalyst to get writing going
  • Use stories and discussions
  • Mix up the age groups


Ruth-Ellen Verock O'Loughlin, who oversees writing down kids thoughts about their three-dimensional creatures made from marshmallows and toothpicks at the writing party, wants you to:

  • Get kids' hands moving
  • Write down kids' stories
  • Make original action figures


Dr. Sharon Edwards, who gets kids thinking and writing at the party and every day of her life, recommends you:

  • Have conversations about ideas
  • Act as a reporter to spark ideas


Josephine and Geena, who enjoy making and publishing documents about their passion for fashion, serve as examples to:

  • Look for local writing clubs
  • Help kids publish original work


Laurie Joy Haas, Executive Producer of Words that Cook!™ and co-author of Read it Aloud! A parent’s guide to sharing books with young children, gives Honey the Cookie-Bookie Bear the tools to help demonstrate creating a young child's original sticker art book making these points:

  • Start with art around stickers
  • Write down what's happening
  • Read original books over and over


Matt Broman, whose daughter is extremely active, finds they can:

  • Have fun with silly words
  • Play with words on the computer


Author/Illustrator Judith Moffatt demonstrates how her passion for art and paper grew into a career. She suggests you:

  • Collect interesting materials for art projects
  • Remember, nonfiction books are great for kids
  • Look for unique books
  • Find and name objects in pictures
  • Mix arts and crafts with reading
  • Read directions with children
  • Select age-appropriate books
  • Help children be original
  • Assist, but don't take over


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