Children's Librarian Audrey Leppanen suggests that in order to bring books alive, you:

  • Get over feeling stupid
  • See voices as playful and fun
  • Read when your child can listen
  • Use puppets with books to help teach lessons
  • Enlarge and expand on books
  • Bring puppet voices back to your reading


Laurie Joy Haas, Executive Producer of Words that Cook!™ and co-author of Read it Aloud! A parent’s guide to sharing books with young children, suggests that with stories you can:

  • Play reading and spelling games


Like Musician and Dad Ben Rudnick and his daughter:

  • Make up songs together by putting life into words
  • Document and publish kids' achievements
  • Get kids' imaginations going with words


Steven Ratiner, a Poet and Writing Consultant recommends you:

  • Use poetry to learn together
  • Don't censor – Let anything happen in poetry
  • If child shares, examine and question honestly as peers
  • Let children choose when to share
  • Take quiet moments for yourself
  • Focus on moments of rich material for writing
  • Read one poem a night for pleasure
  • Find the great poets that speak to you
  • Look for poetry anthologies first, such as those by:
    Richard Lewis – Asia and the world poetry for all ages
    Naomi Shihab Nye – poetry for middle school/high school


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