Donna Sullivan, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at The Carroll School, suggests that you:

  • Use visuals to help children focus when listening
  • Talk with children and play with language
  • Respect children as individuals
  • Recognize children's interests and strengths
  • Play with the sounds of words
  • Offer children opportunities to succeed


Teacher Ronnie Cristiano recommends that you:

  • Try hands-on activities together
  • Demonstrate and describe your expectations
  • Have children put their thoughts into words
  • Repeat new vocabulary in many different contexts
  • Look for math concepts as you read aloud
  • Wonder out loud with your children
  • Talk the talk – use new vocabulary at home
  • Integrate math into everyday life
  • Involve kids' creativity


Mom Laura Waldron suggests that you:

  • Practice writing letters and words in the sand
  • Play with magnetic words
  • Continue to read aloud with older children
  • Share opinions when you read aloud


Like Diane Francis, the Visual Arts Teacher:

  • Remember that non-academic classes can let children shine
  • Experiment with a variety of materials and projects
  • Provide direction and give children time to catch on
  • Let children find their way to their own conclusions
  • Look for children's books that explore different artists
  • Consider presenting words with visuals
  • Promote the use of new vocabulary


Laurie Joy Haas, Executive Producer of Words that Cook!™ and co-author of Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children, and Chip the Cookie-Bookie Bear suggest you:

  • Create games that use language in a fun way
  • Encourage children to play with rhyming words


Like Bounders Teacher Raelyn Viti and Bounders Director Brian Kelly:

  • Plan activities that spring from books
  • Let children make decisions
  • Gently guide children with questions
  • Find programs that will challenge your children
  • Remember that practice in problem solving leads to academic success


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