Chip Smith, the Woodworking Teacher at The Carroll School, recommends that you:

  • Use brainteasers to focus children's attention
  • Provide children with the proper vocabulary
  • Remember, confidence leads to academic success


Language Tutor Andrea Marks recommends that you:

  • Reinforce children's success
  • Read with your children and to your children
  • With challenging material, model the pronunciation of words
  • Play with the sounds that make up words


Joan Walker and Joan Snell, both Fourth-Grade Teachers, suggest:

  • When reading, have children identify words they love
  • Let children choose “delicious” words to use when writing
  • Use favorite words in daily conversation
  • Develop a personalized thesaurus with your child


Music Teacher Bruce Pasha and Drama Teacher Shea Schatell suggest:

  • Try doing improv with your kids
  • Engage children in activities that promote eye contact
  • Boost self-confidence with group activities
  • Empower children with choices
  • Use tongue twisters to support articulation
  • Try all sorts of dramatic play at home


Laurie Joy Haas, Executive Producer of Words that Cook!™ and co-author of Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children, and Chip the Cookie-Bookie Bear suggest that you:

  • Let kids make up their own tongue ticklers and repeat them together


Fourth-Grade Teacher Judy Ball recommends that you:

  • Encourage children to vary sentence structure when writing
  • Use games to make learning more enjoyable
  • Recognize children's strengths
  • Use children's strengths to help them learn
  • Combine children's interests with learning experiences
  • Consider participating in classroom activities
  • Reinforce successful school practices at home


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