Kristy Pace, Artistic Director of the Pocket Full of Tales Theatre Company, suggests you:

  • Find non-intimidating ways to introduce Shakespeare
  • Tackle the story before the language
  • Use books that display both original texts and modern English
  • Talk through possible meanings


Like parents Robert & Kristen Arnold:

  • Find ways to explore Shakespeare through acting
  • Bring Shakespeare to life by watching movies


Mom Susan Merry says:

  • Discuss Shakespeare in contemporary terms


Elena Creef, a College Professor and Mom, recommends you:

  • Use books to reinforce cultural identity
  • Expose children to other cultures through books
  • Ask friends to share regional books
  • Search the Web for multicultural books


Author and Educator Amy Cohn says:

  • Recreate history with stories
  • Compare similar stories from many cultures


Laurie Joy Haas, Executive Producer of Words that Cook!™ and co-author of Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children, and Honey the Cookie-Bookie Bear suggest you:

  • Look at photos to write about memories


Beth O’Malley; an Author, Adoptee and Adoptive Mom; recommends you:

  • Create Lifebooks to address adoption issues
  • Look for Lifebook guides and workbooks
  • Recognize the importance of words in Lifebooks
  • Let children express fantasies artistically
  • Write down information to provide consistency


Like Adoptive Mom Linda Saucier:

  • Make Lifebooks to invite questions


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